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The Beacon - September 2016 #2

There is quite a bit happening at The Light House at present, so here is some information about new services, additional products, and how to get some Free Flower Essences.

New Services

I’ve realised that I can offer shorter homeopathic sessions, and this may be more accessible for some people.

So the new structure is:
Homeopathy First Appointment (1/2 hour) $75
Homeopathy Follow –Up Appointment (1/4 hour) $45

Both of these are cheaper than appointments at the Practice.

I have more time for the homeopathy, as I do not have to cover the medical aspects.
There is no charge for a Homeopathic Single Dose remedy at both places.

At The Light House you can also have an individual bottle of Christchurch Flower Essences made for you, with a cost of $30.

Of course, you can still book in for a longer session if you wish.

New Products

In the online Shops you can buy creams containing Flower Essences and Homeopathic remedies.

These have been available in 30 Gram pots, but are now also available in 100 Gram pots and 500 Gram tubs.

Free Flower Essences

While I’ve been setting up the dispensing for the Christchurch Flower Essences, I’ve made some extra bottles of Flower Essences.

I have 25 bottles of the Christchurch Relief Essence to give away.
You can claim one of these by going to the Facebook page for the Christchurch Flower Essences, and Liking the page.

And then if you Message me with your name and address I can post out a bottle of Relief Essence, with a handout about its contents.

I also have 25 bottles of Blended Essences to give away.
You can claim one of these by putting in an order through the Shop, and I will send one out with your order.

The Blended Essences have been sorted into blends for Awareness, Balance, Harmony, and so on, but each of them can be used in a wider context as well. There is more about this online.

Distributing Flyers

I have put up some flyers and business cards in various cafes, and on community notice boards.

The Relief Essence will hopefully be stocked in some shops in Lyttelton soon.
If you could put up some flyers at your work, clinic or community centre, please let me know, and I’ll gladly post some out to you.

Kind Regards