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The Beacon - March 2017


I have made some changes to the services at The Light House, so that I can see more people here.

If you wish to come and see me for homeopathic treatment, I suggest you see me at the clinic at The Light House, although I prefer to call it a service rather than a clinic.

I have more time for you here, and for much the same price, as there are less overheads.

I will still ask you to fill in the “New Patient Questionnaire”, so that I can know more about your health and your background. I can arrange full homeopathic treatment here, and sometimes also take time after the session to finish choosing your remedy.

My Free Phone number 0800 947235 (0800 WISBELL) terminates here, and you can also use the landline 03 9441411. If I am busy, please do leave a message.

I have a special email address for the clinic, and it is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. My long term email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will still reach me, but I may take a little longer to respond, as I get so many emails there each day.

Probably the easiest way to get hold of me is on the Contact Us tab on the webpage

Or you can go to the Facebook page The New Light House, and message me. Please do like the page while you are there.

The Light House Does Not Provide Medical Services

But paradoxically, outside the constraints of a medical practice, I feel I can offer treatment for a wider range of conditions.

For instance I have recently obtained books on homeopathic treatment for injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, the common cold, mental disorders, ADHD and autism, and for emergency conditions.

There is also a very comprehensive one about Homeopathy and Cancer. (I should stress that I do recommend that you follow through with the treatment that is suggested by your specialist as well.)

Oh yes, and I now have extended the payment options, which include Cash, Mobile Eftpos and Credit Cards, Online Banking and PayPal!


You can still see me in General Practice, if you would like to receive homeopathic treatment in that setting.

I will do a brief medical assessment, and then ask for further information, so that I can choose a homeopathic remedy for you.

Then I will dispense it at The Light House, and bring it into the Practice the next time I am in, or leave it in a Drop Box outside The Light House, or post it to you. This system is working very well so far.

I really enjoy seeing my long term patients in General Practice, and I can continue providing you with homeopathic treatment in that setting.

For more information, and phone details, please go to

I may have mentioned this before, but with the increase of drug resistant organisms, more people are turning to homeopathy to help with their conditions. I have a not-so-secret wish that one day the emergency department and the oncologists in particular will notice that I do homeopathy, that I am medically and specialist trained, and that I don’t denounce conventional medicine at all. I even have a security clearance from previous jobs at the hospital, and a clean Police check! I would love to be consulted in a wider setting.


There are some First Aid remedies that can be purchased through the online shop, by people who have an understanding of how to use homeopathic remedies.

Of course the constitutional remedies require more thought, and I do need to see people to gain more information, in order to choose these.

Some of the Homeobotanical remedies and Flower Essence combinations that I recommend can also be obtained online. I suggest that you do have a session with me first, though, so that I can give you some general advice about using the remedies.


Please Like my page The New Light House. I try to put up information there more frequently than the Blogs and Articles and Events Calendar on the webpage.

The page for The Old Light House posts articles about homeopathy that you may find useful. I should say, however, that when you come to see me I will be drawing from a wider range of remedies than in those posts, so what I choose for you may be different from the suggestions there.
If you are interested in Ancient Egypt you may like to look at the Isisbell page, and in spiritual aspects the Rose Isisbell page.


All the information is on, including Articles, Photos and YouTube clips.

That is just ticking along in the background at present, while I am absorbed in the development of The Light House.

As you know, after the February 2011 earthquake I made thousands of bottles of the Christchurch Relief Essence, and left them outside the gate for people to collect. I recently remembered that I had a white board outside with a list of tasks I’d like volunteers for. So there was a production line for Relief Essence inside, farm water left outside the gate, and a drop in centre and promises of meditations.  A friend walked the dog every day for ages, thank you so much Cally. All that has come back so vividly with the Anniversary of the Earthquake, and the Port Hills Fires.

I still run the service where I send out free bottles of Relief Essence to anyone who has been affected by the Kaikoura Earthquake or the Port Hills Fir, or indeed any other disaster. Send me a message, and please like the Facebook page Christchurch Flower Essences as well, if you wish.


The Unity Room for workshops and meetings is all set up, and will be sound proofed and lined later on.
I would like suggestions about which meditation courses people would like to do. There are DaBen’s Awakening Your Light Body course and Graduate courses, and Orin’s courses on Divine Self and Aligning with Divine Will.

Orin has just released a new Soul Alignment Meditation for Living Your Life Purpose.

The Airbnb is still running, and I have met some lovely travellers who have stayed here.

On the personal front there is not much news. I still enjoy West African drumming, and play in the Samba Band. We had fun at the Drum Festival at Little River. Friends and family,and the cat and dog keep me fully occupied.

I will have two weeks off over Easter, so do plan to come in and see me before that.

I will be doing another DaBen Seminar in late April - Living The Light Body: Expanding Your Role in The World.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rose (Rosie) Isbell