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The Beacon - September 2017

Dear Friends

This is a rather late newsletter, as I’ve been busy over the winter doing extra shifts for my colleagues, while they’ve been having exciting holidays! I will get some time away at Steam Punk the Thames in November, and at Takaka in the New Year.

Now I have more time to see people at The Light House, and I will be contacting people on the waiting list, for them to come in for homeopathic treatment.

The Temple (waiting room) and Inner Temple (treatment room) have had many upgrades. New photos are on the website, and I am attaching them to this email.

Unity Room

I have been visiting my favourite trees and plants, to keep contact with the essences I made for the Christchurch Flower Essences. The webpage for these has been upgraded, and you can look at the flower photos in the Gallery, at

Here are my webpages and phone numbers, if you would like to contact me:

For Homeopathy
0800 2SPA4U (0800 277248)
The Light House does not Provide Medical Services

For General Practice (new patients)
0800 WISBELL (0800 947235)

You are welcome to ring and talk to me, or leave a message for me to call you back.

Kind Regards
Rose Isbell