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The Beacon - October 2017

Dear Friends

Here is more information about the services I am offering.

General Practice
I work at different locations in General Practice.

If you would like a general practice appointment, you can ring my 0800 number:

0800 WISBELL (0800 947 235).

If I am unable to take your call straight away, please leave a message, and I’ll call back as soon as I can.
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I am now doing all of the homeopathy at my home clinic at The Light House.
If you are seeing me in General Practice, we can discuss arrangements to send you a homeopathic remedy, or you can come to The Light House for a more detailed assessment.
I am happy to talk to you, and answer your questions.
Whether or not you are a patient, you can make a time for a homeopathy session by ringing the 0800 number for The Light House:

0800 2SPA4U (0800 277 247).

(I have used these numbers since the days when I ran a Health Spa at The Old Light House – I think this was an earlier version of the services that are developing now!)

The Light House does not provide Medical Services

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Facebook: The Old Light House

The Light Garden

I am revelling in the Spring season, and revisiting the places where I made the Christchurch Flower Essences.
Stage One of the garden renovation is nearly completed.

This has involved taking up the stone chips in the front garden, laying compost, and planting more camellias, magnolias, lilacs, and a wisteria.

Then there will some concrete cutting (about ¼ of the section is concreted), and some trees have already been removed.
Stage Two is planting gorgeous plants along the side fence – dogwood, silk tree, maple, and rhododendrons. And an aromatic camellia hedge on the opposite side.

Stage Three is the main part – making a Temple Garden between the house and the Temple. I see this as having a dogwood in the middle, and four quadrants, with paths in between, each bordered by lavender. I envisage a cottage garden, reminiscent of the Rose Species Garden in Hagley Park.

Other plans include a vege garden, a water feature (using the concrete), an Egyptian theme in the lean to, and a labyrinth (using the stones from the front garden).

Most of the new planting features flowers from the Christchurch Flower Essences, so do look at the photo gallery there.

Spring Flowers Gallery

Facebook: Christchurch Flower Essences

The Temple

So much is happening, refining the Unity Room, and developing aspects of the healing service.
I am preferring to do Healing with the Light Body, and also use crystals, essences and oils. I have the Amarossa oils , and have ordered some Ancient Egyptian Alchemy oils. I play the crystal bowls when it seems right.
I have persuaded Trixie the dog to stay away when I am seeing people at The Light House. This has taken a while, as she was such a part of my old practice!

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Facebook: The New Light House


I run an airbnb in the Garden Room at the front of The Light House.

You can view this on their website.

I sense that later this will be a space for people to come for personal retreats. And a place for visiting teachers and practitioners, who may be using the Temple or the Unity Room.

But I’ll let that evolve as is goes, as with all of the other projects, really.

So please do look at my webpages, and ring if you would like more information, I’d love to talk to you.

Kind Regards
Rose (Rosie) Isbell