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The Beacon - December 2017

Dear Friends

Here is more information about the services I am offering.

General Practice
I work at different locations in General Practice.
If you would like a general practice appointment, you can ring my O8OO number:
0800 WISBELL (0800 947 235).
If I am unable to take your call straight away, please leave a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
I will be taking two weeks leave over Christmas and New Year, so please come in before Christmas if you need to “be seen”.


I am now doing homeopathy only at my home service at The Light House.
If you are seeing me in General Practice, we can discuss arrangements to courier you a homeopathic remedy, or you can come to The Light House for a more detailed assessment.
There is also a Remote Remedy Service available.
Whether or not you are a patient, you can make a time for a homeopathy session by ringing the 0800 number for The Light House:
0800 2SPA4U (0800 277 248)
The Light House does not provide Medical Services
You can also follow my Facebook page about Homeopathy, The Old Light House.

Gift Vouchers

I now have Gift Vouchers available for Homeopathy Sessions, that you can give to a friend or loved one.
They make an ideal Christmas present, but of course can be used any time of the year.
This can be a wonderful way to offer someone a homeopathy session, to help with their health and wellbeing.
For the Introductory Offer, these are $50, until after the New Year break.
I will only be away on the Statutory Holidays, so I will be here to honour them.
Please email if you would like to collect one, or have one couriered out to you.
Later, there will also be vouchers for other services, such as Healing or Meditation Sessions, and Retreats, when they become available.

Remote Remedies

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that helps to support your health.
The remedies are individually chosen, according to the pattern of symptoms that you have,
If you are unable to come to The Light House, you can ask for a Remote Remedy by filling in a form, and giving a list of your symptoms. You can also do this through the online shop.
I go through the information that you have given, and choose a homeopathic remedy that can be couriered out to you.
This will usually be sent in a small plastic container containing two medicated tablets.

Remote Remedy Pamphlet

To request a Remote Remedy click here

Care Packages

Care Packages are beautifully presented sets of homeopathic remedies, flower essences and creams.
They are wonderful to use as a way of caring for yourself.
They make a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one, showing how much you care.
The Stress and Injury Care Package contains Arnica 30c, Christchurch Relief Essence and Trauma Relief Cream.
You can also choose your own combination of remedies from the online shop.

Care Package Pamphlet

To request a Care Package click here

You can also choose your own combination of remedies from the online shop


I am thinking about what meditation sessions to offer next year – well meditating on it!
I would like to offer DaBen’s Awakening Your Light Body course again. Now that many people are talking about Ascension, this is one of the best courses I’ve found for establishing and using your Light Body. I have enjoyed keeping up with DaBen’s teaching this year
I also love Orin’s courses on Divine Will.

I am doing courses with Anrita Melchisedek, and later on will be a Facilitator for her work.

And the many courses from Centre for Excellence Online are really good introductions to a number of areas of study. If you Like them on Facebook, you will receive links for discounts on some of the courses.

The Light Garden

The front garden is now completed, including a newly developed cottage garden at the front of the veranda. The camellias and winter roses and roses and azaleas are thriving. The new cherry trees (autumnalis and campanulata) will be wonderful once established, and the box hedge makes such a difference.
The standard rose is in honour of an elderly lady who gave me a garden voucher.
The house is looking sparkling with its new paint, and it has worked out that the blue on the window sills is the same colour as the blue in the new Pamphlets.

Trixie and I often visit the Rose Species Garden in Hagley Park, and I get my inspiration from there.

Unity Room

Work is starting this week for the lining and sound proofing of the Unity Room, which can then be used as a studio and workshop area.
It will have a separate entrance from the end of the drive.
Once the building, stopping, painting, electrical work and carpeting have been done, it will great to set it up again, and it will be a lovely space to use.
I envisage it being finished by the middle of January, ready for the rush of the new year!


I am starting to have stalls at some of the local Markets, particularly at New Brighton.
I have spent many happy hours meandering around the markets at Thames, so I think I know what to expect.
I was at the Rockabilly Market last month, and it was great fun. However I made the mistakes of not having a flag saying what I was there for, forgetting my business cards, and my webpage going down the next day! That won’t happen again, though.
I plan to do the Christmas Market at New Brighton on Saturday 23 December, so do come and see me there. I will have gift vouchers, Remedies and Care Packages on sale.
People can sign up for the Beacon, and for a Homeopathy session, and can talk to me about Remote Remedies.
Special thanks to Jill for introducing me to the market, and to John her husband for putting up the Gazebo the first time, and for doing the building for the Unity Room. Jill works at Answers, and her team used to answer my phones when I was at The Old Light House in Bealey Avenue.
I will put week to week information on my Facebook page for The New Light House


For the Markets I have developed some new pamphlets about Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences and Creams, and how to use them.
You can look at them in the online Shop, and download them if you wish.


I run an airbnb in the Garden Room at the front of The Light House.
You can view this on their website, under The Light House LIFE IS GOOD.
I think that this will become a space for people to come for personal retreats. And a place for visiting teachers and practitioners to stay, when they are using the Temple or the Unity Room.

Thank you

Thank you for being in contact with me.
It is fun to be doing all these things.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Rose Isbell