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The Beacon - February 2018

Dear Friends

Here is more information about my services.

General Practice

I will be leaving HillMed Health at the end of March 2018.
This is so that I will be only working at one medical practice.
My last day at HillMed will be Tuesday 27 March.
Please come in before then if you need prescriptions or advice.


I am practicing homeopathy only at my home clinic at The Light House.
Please email me if you’d like to make an appointment to come in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Or ring me on 0800 2SPA4U (0800 277 248). If I’m unable to take your call straight away, please leave a message.
The Light House does not provide Medical Services.

Remote Remedies

If you are unable to come to The Light House, you can ask for a Remote Remedy by filling in a form, and giving a list of your symptoms.
You can also do this through the online shop
I go through the information that you have given, and choose a homeopathic remedy that can be couriered to you.
This is usually sent in a small plastic contained containing two medicated tablets.
The Light House does not provide Medical Services


Gift vouchers are available for any service or product at The Light House.
I am still running the special offer of $50 for a Gift Voucher for a Homeopathy session, including a Homeopathic remedy.
Flower Essences and Homeobotanicals are an additional price.

Gift Voucher details ...

The Light House does not provide Medical Services

Christchurch Flower Essences

The Christchurch Flower Essences are distributed through The Light House.
Do look at the webpage, and especially at the photo gallery.
I have used many of those photos on the web pages, and on the labels for the Homeopathic and Flower Essence remedies.
There is a Shop on the Christchurch Flower Essences page.

The Light House does not provide Medical Services


I have developed some pamphlets about Homeopathic remedies, Flower Essences and Creams.
These give an introduction to some of the products that are available in the Online Shop

It is assumed that you have some understanding about Homeopathy and Flower Essence use before choosing and ordering the remedies, though.

Pamphlets ...

The Light House does not provide Medical Services

The Light Garden

The front garden is thriving and looking lovely.
Now we are at work on the side garden.
The side path will have a lilac border on one side, and white roses with lavender on the other.
Then a silk tree, white Chinese lantern tree, and a maple with the beautiful fronds.
The next section will have a border of rhododendrons, mostly red.
The fenceline beside the planned temple garden will have a weeping cherry, viburnum, lily of the valley bush, michelia ground cover, calico bush, and scented hydrangea, with white salvia at the front.
All the beautiful plants that make your heart melt, mostly fragrant, and with a pink and white theme.
There are two new chweey trees, and three wisterias: a lilac one over the front entrance, a lavender one across the back door, and a white one across the Temple entrance.
This part should be completed by Easter, and I’ll post some photos when it starts to come together.
Many of these plants feature flowers that are in the the Christchurch Flower Essence.


The Temple is a small room with an ancient Egyptian theme.
I use is as a space for contemplation, a venue for individual meditation sessions, and as a waiting room for the homeopathy clinic.
Come and sit in the Temple at one of the Open Days. The dates for these will be posted on the Facebook page.

Unity Room

Over summer we have completed the lining and sound proofing of the Unity Room, and refurbished it.
It can now be used for meetings and rehearsals, and as a studio and larger meditation space.
The renovation has totally transformed the Unity Room, and I look forward to providing services there.
Come and chat in the Unity Room at one of the Open Days. The dates for these will be posted on the Facebook page.

Thank you
Thank you for being in contact with me.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind Regards
Rose Isbell