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Orin's Receiving and Radiating Divine Love Meditation:

Sunday 6 December 6pm

In this guided meditation Orin guides you step by step to receive and radiate divine love as you link with your soul, receive healing from the angels of love, join with the world teachers of love, and open to the one divine Life, the divine Self within you. Through these connections you will have many opportunities as you listen to receive divine love and to radiate pure, unconditional love to your thoughts and feelings about yourself, to your life situations, and to all your relationships to lift and evolve them. You will radiate love to humanity, the animal and plant kingdom, and to the earth itself to assist all life in coming into greater balance and harmony.

Embracing Your Body with Love

Do you long for a more sacred union between yourself and the Divine?

Despite all of the spiritual and self-development work you’ve done, do you struggle at times with confusing and conflicting feelings about sexuality and sensuality?

Does the study and pursuit of the Divine in all sometimes feel like an intellectual exercise instead of an embodied one?

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Free Qi Gong Workshop

Frank Boyle is passing through Christchurch, and is offering a free Qi Gong workshop, including healing and learning the first form. Pm him, or The New Light House if you are interested. Rose

True North Event – Dave Stringer/Doug Brush and the Gaya Tree – Concert and Kirtan

One Touring proudly presents in partnership with True North Touring ‘The Satellite Sky Australia & New Zealand Tour’ with international artist Dave Stringer.

The Satellite Sky Australia/New Zealand Tour Concert is an evolution of Dave Stringer's previous concerts in Australia. Every concert will begin and end with the soulful call and response kirtan he is well known for, but he will also feature ecstatic songs from his recent album Elixir, and his intimate new album The Satellite Sky.

Meditation and Healing update

From the Love My Body Love My Life series

Replay of an interview with Lynn Waldrop, "The Body Channel"

6pm Sunday 14 November
Recreation Hall, Dickson Park Holiday Park