1. Pay Cash at your Session, or
  2. Pay with Mobile EFTPOS or Credit Card at your session, or
  3. Pay On Line within 24 Hours
    Our account number is : 03-0826-0126195-003, or
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Homeopathy and Flower Essences

Price includes single dose of Homeopathic remedy and bottle of Christchurch Flower Essences

First appointment $125

Follow Up appointments $85

Remote Remedy $95 (price includes Courier within New Zealand)



Homeopathic Remedy (at session) - No charge

Homeopathic Remedy (First Aid bottle) $30 | Details

Relief Essence $30 | Details

Blended Essences $30 | Details

Christchurch Flower Essences $30 | Details

Flower Essence Combinations $30 | Details

Flower Essences $30 | Details

Homeobotanicals $35 | Details

Creams | 15g $25, 100g $40, 500g $85 | Details


Meditation Sessions

New Content Coming Soon


Retreats & Hire of Facilities

Bed & Breakfast - Please ask

Individual Retreats - Please ask

Hire of Temple (for clients and small groups) - Please ask

Hire of Unity Room (for classes and workshops) - Please ask



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