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  • The Temple has an ancient Egyptian theme, and is used for meditations and courses.
  • The Inner Temple is a healing room, that is used for Rosie’s homeopathy service.
  • The Unity Room is a studio that can be used for ecstatic dance, drumming, festivals and celebrations.
  • The Temple Garden is a garden in front of the Temple that is based on a medieval monastery garden - a cloistered garden.
  • The Garden Room is a haven and retreat for spiritual travellers.
  • The Labyrinth is on the path leading to the Temple.

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  • Homeopathy Rose Isbell uses Homeopathy at ROHA Holistic Health.
  • Homeobotanical remedies have been designed to cover all the usual health conditions.
  • Flower Essences are used, including the Christchurch Flower Essences.
  • Healing draws from a number of traditions, including using drums and crystal bowls.
  • Meditation courses include Orin’s Divine Self and DaBen’s Awakening Your Light Body.
  • Retreats Retreats are available, with accommodation in The Garden Room.

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Talks and Courses

Talks and Courses are available at The Light House. 

Introductory talks are offered on a variety of topics, and each of these can develop into a full course. Rose is happy to teach both small and large groups.

The course are based on Rose's areas of study. 

Some topics are:

  • Homeopathy, including introduction for clients, first aid treatment at home
  • Flower Essences, including different systems around the world

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