Christchurch Flower Essences

Essences of the Light

Activated by the Earthquakes in Christchruch, New Zealand

The Christchurch Flower Essences were made by Wendy Rose Isbell (Rosie), to capture the healing properties of the flowers and gardens of Christchurch, New Zealand.

They are not just for use in Christchurch, though, as she was very aware of their future use throughout New Zealand, and around the world.

There are many coherences with other Flower Essence sets, although usually there are also subtle differences between the Christchurch Flower Essence and the Flower Essence from other sources.

Interestingly, the Mother Essences have been through all the earthquake experiences and recovery, and are taking on a new dimension, as they reflect the higher Light that is pouring in to ChristChurch.

There are parallels between the Christchurch Flower Essences, and the Awakening Your Light Body course taught by Orin and DaBen.

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Developing awareness of yourself and in your life.
Developing balance in your body and your life.
Blended Essences are combinations of Christchurch Flower Essences, that have been chosen to enhance...
People who have studied the Christchurch Flower Essences can order Personal Dose bottles, and they...
Dealing with physical, emotional and spiritual energy, and energy flow.
Help with growth, and learning from illnesses and life experiences. The colours of the flowers form...
Receiving guidance, and acting on your intuition.
Emotional cleansing, and developing harmony in your life.
Receiving information as you go about your daily life.
Help you with discovering and following your life path.
Accepting and opening to your inner self.
Relief Essence is one of the Christchurch Blended Essences, and specifically addresses the issues...
Spiritual growth and transformation.
Trust, and the way you see yourself and present yourself to the world.